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PANOG eventually got allocation of 2,200 metric tons maize allocation from the 10,000 metric tons allocated to PAN South West from CBN.
After due deliberation, the Central Executives hereby propose guidelines below as modalities for sharing within our members:

  1. Payment of 2021 and 2020 (where relevant) annual due by the farmer. Amended annual dues as shown below.
  2. Zonal Chairman’s approval of the farmer
  3. Minimum order per allottee of 30tons for ease of logistics (2 or 3 farmers can be encouraged to merge together but payment shall be made by only one farmer and the mergers shall be at the discretion of the farmers)
  4. Payment for the maize shall be made directly to CBN account with evidence made available to the Zonal Coordinator and the State Secretariat ( This is subject to ongoing discussion with CBN/SWPAN).
  5. Payment of agreed logistics and subcharges shall be made directly into PANOG’S current account.
  6. A payment window of not later than 5 days after announcement of maize allotment
  7. Past activities of member with the association.
    Zonal Chairmen should take the above as an invitation for their member’s application.

All applications from zones should be collated and submitted to the state Secretariat through the General Secretary or the Admin Secretary not later than noon of Monday, 22th February while final allocation will be announced from the Central Executives later same Monday

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Press Release

Poultry farmers Ijebu Zone, on egg prices.

All of us the executives of PANOG IJEBU ZONE as farmers are as troubled by the circumstances around us as you the members.

We are currently facing intense threat that might force farms to go underground, as a result of the serious challenges confronting our industry.

The rising cost of poultry feeds which cut across all the species and ages is one of the factors responsible.
Irregular prices and underpricing of our products is also a very big factor.

During the last festive season, large number of the farmers have closed-shops, while those still operating are either struggling to remain in business at zero profit or incurring huge debts to stay afloat.

As an association with a vision, the executives at the Zonal, State and South-West level held a press conference to appeal and send an SOS to the Federal Government of Nigeria to save the poultry industry from imminent collapse.

As we all wait for the outcome of the engagement between the state executive, SouthWest and the FG before trying ‘other options’, the Chairman and other executives of the zone are working round to clock to provide a solution to these problems.

“The major happening is that farmers have been selling below their cost price due to individualistic behaviour of some of our farmers. To further minimise our losses the Executives have directed all farmers to have a *minimum* selling price of a crate of egg to be *₦1200*

Also on the long and medium-term, the PANOG IJEBU ZONE is happy to inform our members that we are kick-starting our cooperative society which in future will help in terms of feed price regulation, price control, access to cheap and quality feed and raw materials and soon.

Our telephone number :
+234(0)8075444840 – Secretary Ijebu Zone
+234(0)8038826321- PRO Ijebu Zone

Don’t let the muggles get us down… Poultry farming shall rise again.

Thank you for your understanding.


The Executives.
Poultry Association of Nigeria.
Ogun State.
Ogun state.